i was gonna pen down my recent holiday trip at perhentian island and i just realized my last post apart from the photo blogs was last march about perhentian island long beach as well! it has become a yearly ritual hard to break and unrealized! the only thing changed is i prefer off seasons where waves are quite big and weather is pleasant and windy, and of course, the choice of companions i go with :)

bubu long beach sunrise moments


never bored of the yet familiar and amazing view. breakfast hour..


so there were 6 of us, traveled in the wee morning before sun break and headed off to the airport. the travel to perhentian i must say is tedious. cab ride from home to airport, then another cab ride from kota bahru airport to the jetty. from jetty we caught a speed boat that took 1/2 hour to reach to long beach. but i suppose without this it won’t be the same, every path was an adventure all in all.

gloomy skies throughout but i don't mind.. not a fan of scorching sun! father and son headed down the beach in hopes to catch the waves.


red flag indicates risk to swim in the sea...


view from bubu resort breakfast restaurant


glorious waves


newly transformed world cafe resort! simply lovely..


on of my most favorite views in perhentian :) @world cafe restaurant


long beach...


boys pushing boat to shore to avoid wave crashes


on the other side of the island.. coral bay


dine by the sea.


in search of beer.. which is non existent in this part of island >_<


and so i continued clicking away the iphone...


can't wait to get back to long beach. this path connects long beach and coral bay, lovely to look at but hot and tedious to walk on.


at last! sat in bubu resort restaurant @ long beach after the walk...


~ wish i could live there forever.



blessed to live in a country surrounded by so much green @malaysia


9th Aug 2011 @ my sister's wedding registration day, also a restart of my old unforgotten relationship and losing something as great as life all on the same day. a sordid yet memorable day.

new york city @ 5th avenue

mon bebe in a sail boat

@ kulai inn, somewhere in johor, malaysia. this temple is also a crematorium.

view from my apartment balcony. still amaze me everyday.

highway to johor, malaysia, taken in a car driving at 170km per/hr. amazing capture from iphone!

i love highways.

serenity in the morning on a 4 hour drive to the south of malaysia.

~ started using iphone to capture moments, was at first very surprised with the outcome of quality. sharing some of my favorites!

~shots taken from iphone using camera+ app… ♡♡♡♡ enjoy :)

random cat on perhentian island.. snoozing..

lee-loo sleep pose

my wonder boy (:

fatty in the art+music room

~ shots of malacca, malaysia with iphone (camera+ app)

hidden gem

it was back in 1992 where i took a bus along with some backpacker friends from UK to cherating beach. the bus stopped on the main road opposite cherating town. i remember we had to cross the then busy street to get to the beach side. we rented RM 25 per night chalets with outhouse sharing toilets. on the bright side, i’m proud to say that i had seen cherating beach in her better days… long stretch of soft white powdery sand and almost transparent blue-green waters. but that was then… now, this place reminds me of a ghost-like beach town, with mostly only the locals wondering around the streets and hardly no one ventures to the beach. sand turned yellow-brown with sea water murky and mud-like.

it was on the new year eve of 2010 where we stumbled upon chance to revisit. i randomly chose a fair priced resort on the internet for a 3 day stay and headed for holiday villa cherating resort. shabby it is not, but neither it is fancy. heck i never cared much for hotel rooms anyway hence thrilled to find the beach area to be surprisingly pleasant, a long stretch of flat grassland sloping down to an empty and windy beach. coconut trees and tall willowy trees accentuate shadows against the horizon, such a calm and beautiful sight.

this feb, we had a wonderful opportunity to stay at eastern pavilion resort and spa (owned by holiday villa), 2 bedroom private villa equipped with pool+jaccuzi and a living room. it was a perfect weekend getaway from the city considering it’s only a 2 and 1/2 hours’ drive from KL on the newly extended karak highway.

holiday villa + eastern pavilion resort compound

solitary moment

love these trees

what used to be powder white sand.

located on the east coast of peninsular malaysia, the monsoon period is yet to be over hence sea water’s rough and dangerous with under currents running through it. so instead we make do utilizing the private pool as much as possible, water’s cold but not entirely unpleasant…

the lovely master bedroom view

evenings are so quiet and serene, it's as if time stood still for us.





My all time favorite holiday trip… with the girls. The perfect time to catch up, welcoming newbies, exchanging fashion and beauty notes, sharing cocktail moments and most importantly getting some fun in the sun, sea and sand. Essentials for this kinda trip? A good hefty amount of sunblock or suntan lotion, an ipod and lots of feel-good attitude!

these are all i need if i’m ever castaway on an island!
and apparently these are also cheryl’s “stranded on island essentials” but hers includes cocktail umbrellas and benefit’s poesy tint!
silence @ world cafe.. it’s almost the closing season of long beach.
lovin‘ nature
sunset and silence goes hand~in~hand.

I’ll never be tired of Long Beach, sure I’ve been here countless times but how can one ever get bored with sunset view such as this? Nevertheless, my growing attachment towards beach-life left distaste for the city more so than before.

island pet.. jim the divemaster’s cat
bubu resort’s resident wildlife pet “the monitor lizard” caught on camera: running away with plastic bag filled with raw fish head from the garbage bin!

On another note, due to growing tourist and local crowd, the beach front was in absolute mess when we arrived. I gathered our girly troops on one fine shady morning, did our bit to clear off trash as much as we can and even managed to recruit two environmentally concerned hawt frenchies :)

i love you long time… long-beach…
my favorite hour of the day: happy hour!
cherry blossom girl!

We took opportunity to visit a secluded beach on our last day, the locals named it “romantic beach”. The wind were against us that day, gushing in strong waves making it impossible for us to swim. However, we spent our mid-day on the quiet beach reading, listening to some tunes and snapping away our cameras.

Here are some of my photo collection:

this is how it looks like on a private beach… simply heaven.
powder sand is rare…
breathe in breathe out.. breathtaking.
freedom soaring sky high, even just for a couple of hours.

Goodbye long beach, I’ll be seeing you again next year :)

photography: ching ming

As I have been unwell for days, being home left me restless and drowsy from over sleep. So I dug up some of my old photo archives from beginning of the year and found this set of lovely photos. This was taken sometime back in April. During the month of Ching Ming, my family gathered and set out to visit my father’s grave for simple offerings. For me this is a perfect excuse to say hello to my dad. And so we went to Nilai memorial park in the late morning. This time I armed myself with my ‘then’ new camera, ready to capture the beauty of nature and tradition.

mom at the back of my car, fishing out bananas as i was wailing 'hungry!'

typical miss datin who refused to ride in my sister's mini car :p

entrance to the buddha temple where no shoes or joss-sticks allowed

plenty greens surround this area, notice the chime bells hanging down in a row? they're used to run water down from the roof... so lovely!

the girly lees

a frenchie pops out from nowhere? nice background though.. and yeah i took the photo :P

guess who? that's right.. it's datin cyn again...

entrance to dad's altar

alex: in participation of tradition... we're glad he didn't choke from the fumes from the large joss-sticks

bro with flo.. how 'gay' :P

my mom and i, in front of dad's altar

looks a little like fairyland on the other side of the peep-hole

though it may be where the dead lies, there is something serenely calm about this place.

Another call for visit to this place is soon to come, this time is for the memory of dad’s passing day. Yes, this is a place where we go every twice a year, a place of remembrance.